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I have read that it is possible to create a mailbox system using php. However, php does not handle some of the multi-threading as well as other items due to its stateless nature. Regardless, i am curious if it something to investigate further and come up with my own solution, if there are good open source alternatives or good tutorials.

Essentially, I would like to have an admin login to a website and direct them to a page. The page will fetch emails from a directory on the web server and display them for the admin. The admin could then respond, delete, save, etc the emails as per usual. I know sending emails is the least of the problems here the larger part would be handling of the incoming messages.

im not very concerned with having the ability to sync using pop, imap or smtp (although if it is not very difficult i guess the more flexibility the better). I assume that most of the users interaction with the emails will be handled with a combination of javascript, ajax, and php

thanks in advance
J NUnicorn wranglerAsked:
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There is a rake of email clients already, no point in reinventing the wheel

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Peter HartCommented:
I would use Squirrelmail its open source, free and supported does all you ask
Ray PaseurCommented:
Not sure why you want to do this, but if there are reasons to avoid the existing mail clients, please tell us and we may be able to help more.  Otherwise, if the existing mail clients can do what you want it would be a lot easier to just choose and use.
J NUnicorn wranglerAuthor Commented:
Honestly, its more of a learning exercise.

Plus i bought a nice looking template that i would like to give a whirl

Does this eliminate some options?


Just download one of the existing ones and go through it.
It will be a lot easier than trying to write it yourself.
You can style them however you like.
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