NIC -- teaming, failover, etc

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I have a Dell PowerEdge T610 with two onboard
1GB NICs and another card with two NICS.

Currently only one NIC works on the PHYSICAL server
after reinstalling Windows Server 2012 Standard

How can I get the NICS teamed and set
for failover/etc on the PHYSICAL server ?
  ** change BIOS, Dell software add-on, etc ?
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you can do it within windows

Windows Server 2012: Creating a NIC TEAM for Load Balancing and Failover
TimotiStDatacenter Technician
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You can do it with WIndows teaming, or possibly by the teaming utility of Broadcom (if the card is also Broadcom), just don't mix the two solutions.
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If you have Windows 2012, you DON'T need any special NIC Teaming Software like Broadcom BACS. All you have to do is open Server Manager, click on Local Server and there you will find "NIC Teaming" option. By default it is disabled. Click to enable, then you can create NIC Teaming by selecting NIC adapters that you would like to be the member of the team. That's all, and don't forget to configure IP properties on Teaming NIC (Virtual NIC representing NIC Team).

On physical NIC adapters disable power options - as a precaution so NIC will not go into sleep mode if there is no activity.

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