Cannot get rid of plugins and extensions from Kaspersky Int. Security 2015!

In the past few days I have been experiencing periods of extreme sluggishness from Firefox, even where it takes seconds for each character I am typing on the keyboard to appear in a dialog box or in the URL bar. I just updated from Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 to Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 less than a week ago, and I see a bunch of extensions and plugins that it has added, some of which boggle my mind as to why they would even be added in the first place, because they appear to be for Chrome! In trying to resolve this slowness, I want to DISABLE these extensions and plugins.

I have tried to disable all of them in Firefox, but when I restart Firefox, they are enabled again. I have looked through the settings in Kaspersky and done the following:

In Kaspersky settings for "Web browser extensions" I have unchecked "Automatically activate appliaction plug-ins in all web browsers".

For Kaspersky URL Advisor I have unchecked "Check URLs".

I have even turned off Kaspersky for a period of time, but still they all stay enabled if I restart Firefox.

This sluggishness is causing me money. I can't always restart Firefox as I will lose something I've been working on. I need to disable these add-ons so I can determine if one or more of them is the problem. I paid for Kaspersky, it doesn't seem right that I would have to get rid of it altogether to solve this problem.

This is what I can't disable:
Dangerous Websites Blocker
Kaspersky URL Advisor
Virtual Keyboard

Plugins PDK Chrome Virtual Keyboard
Plugins PDK Online Banking Google Chrome extension
Plugins PDK Content Blocker Google Chrome extension
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Missus Miss_SellaneusAsked:
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Missus Miss_SellaneusAuthor Commented:
I hadn't rebooted since changing the settings in Kaspersky, so I just did so. All the Add-ons were still enabled. But...  I disabled them again in Firefox and this time instead of restarting Firefox myself, I used the "Restart Now" link next to one of the disabled extensions. That seems to have finally gotten rid of the 4 extensions! Yay.

The Chrome plugins remain. If someone call tell me how to get rid of them, you get the points. Weird, it puts Chrome plugins in Firefox, and I don't even have Chrome installed.
Missus Miss_Sellaneus --
If you can live without Kaspersky Internet Security 2015, I suggest you run a System Restore to a date before you installed it.
If that solves the problem, you will be left with Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 or you can always use another Security Suite.
Missus Miss_SellaneusAuthor Commented:
No, I wouldn't be left with Kaspersky Internet Security 2013. My license ran out and there is no renewal for purchase for that product on Kaspersky's site. Maybe I could still use it without updating the database, but that's not a great option.

I have always been happy with Kaspersky up to this point, and I've tried others in the past, including free options which I didn't like or didn't work for me. Plus, I don't really have the money for a different option. I really don't want to go through that search process again and I PAID FOR IT, I expect to be able to use it without problems. They say it is compatible with Windows XP.

Do you actually know that there's no way to disable those add-ons or are you just jumping in to offer a solution?
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Missus Miss_Sellaneus--

You have diagnosed your problem as having started when you installed Kaspersky Internet Security 2015.  
System Restore will return your PC to its state before that installation.  Apparently you did not have the problem then.

I should not have stated that you will be left with Kaspersky Internet Security 2013.  You will be left with whatever you had before you installed Kaspersky Internet Security 2015.  

Another possible solution is to uninstall Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 and then reinstall it, being very careful this time to avoid installing plug-ins and extensions you do not want.  I would suggest using Revouninstaller to uninstall.  And wait for step 4 to remove bits and pieces from the Registry which might affect a reinstall.

And another option is to contact Kaspersky.
Missus Miss_SellaneusAuthor Commented:
As far as I remember, I was given no such choices about installing browser add-ins, or about anything else when I installed it. I'm almost 99.9999% sure about that.

And I know I can contact Kaspersky, I was hoping for a faster solution.

I don't need anyone else to tell me to get rid of it or to try something else, I can come up with that on my own, that wasn't what I asked. I have no proof that any of the add-ons are causing the problem, I just want to disable them. This problem didn't start immediately after installation, it started about a week after installation. (I misstated when I installed it.)
Missus Miss_Sellaneus--
So you are saying that installing Kaspersky Internet Security 2015  probably is not the cause of your problem.  So getting rid of those plug-ins and extensions is probably not the solution.

So run System Restore to a date before the sluggishness started. Can you remember installing other apps about that time?.  

Run MalwareBytes.  I assume you have run Kaspersky to scan for viruses.

Run Process Explorer to see what other programs are running when you have the sluggishness.

And since you are using Win XP, recognize that sluggishness may be due to using it.
hmmm...  have you checked Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs, to see if anything is listed there (probably not, but is an easy check).

next I'd check:
RUN > MSCONFIG > Startup tab, for anything firing off at boot.
While there, look under Services tab, check Hide MS Services,, and see if any thing is there.

Another place I would look at, is SERVICES (CP > ADMIN TOOLS).

That should keep you busy for a few minutes.   ; )

Oooo... almost forgot. CONT-ALT-DEL, and try Task Manager. You can try killing running Services and Processes with that.
web_trackerComputer Service TechnicianCommented:
I would use adw Cleaner and JRT (junk removal tool). These tools can both be downloaded from the bleeping computer site.
Missus Miss_SellaneusAuthor Commented:
I solved it myself.
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