Set up dynamically database

I have project . What I need
1) Create Data Base dynamically from ASP.NET  application
2) generate connection string  for this database

how to do it  ?
YampolkaValeriya YampolskaAsked:
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One of the ways to do so is by using T-SQL. You need to connect to the server in the first place though. Connect to the server as an admin (use 'sa' account, or any other DB Admin account) and connect to the master database. Then, just use CREATE DATABASE command. Please note however, that you need to have a basic idea of the DB server Disk Drives and folders. Perhaps your DB admin has specified that the default data location is for example D:\Data, and the Transaction Log location is D:\Logs. The syntax may look complicated by basically all you need is this:
USE master;
( NAME = Sales_dat,
    FILENAME = 'D:\DATA\saledat.mdf',
    SIZE = 10,
    MAXSIZE = 50,
    FILEGROWTH = 5 )
( NAME = Sales_log,
    FILENAME = 'D:\Logs\salelog.ldf',
    SIZE = 5MB,
    MAXSIZE = 25MB,
    FILEGROWTH = 5MB ) ;

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In fact, according to the link above you can even create the database like this:
USE master;

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The following example creates the database mytest and creates a corresponding primary and transaction log file. Because the statement has no <filespec> items, the primary database file is the size of the model database primary file. The transaction log is set to the larger of these values: 512KB or 25% the size of the primary data file. Because MAXSIZE is not specified, the files can grow to fill all available disk space.
When the database is created you will need to disconnect from the master database. You will have to reconnect to the newly created database. The connection string to this new database will be the same, except for the "Database=" parameter, i.e.:

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YampolkaValeriya YampolskaAuthor Commented:
When I do it from SQL Managemet Studio - I am Fine
But when I do it from application ,
 I have  CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database 'master'.
YampolkaValeriya YampolskaAuthor Commented:
This could be resolved with  Server Authentication   and admin login
YampolkaValeriya YampolskaAuthor Commented:
Solution could be implemented if
1) DB install server with mixed mode
2) You know Admin Password
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