How do I allow https through modsecurity?

Hi all,

I installed ISPConfig 3 and then got a StartSSL free certificate for it.
It works fine on port 8080 in https mode and the SSL certificate is recognized.
I access it using:

Before I installed the SSL certificate I had a self-signed certificate which allowed ISP Config to work as above (there used to be a red line diagonally across the word "https" before because the certificate was not related to that domain) but also my domain to load as:

But since I installed the StartSSL certificate, I can only access the ISPConfig but not my normal site anymore.
I believe that sine the self-signed certificate was made out to my FQDN it did not cause any conflicts but now that the new Startssl certificate is made out to it is causing all this.
Now when I access my domain I get this error: Forbidden. You don't have permission to access / on this server.

The culprit behind it all is modsecurity which has the SecRuleEngine On. If I turn that Off everything works fine, but with it on I don't really know how to make the right modifications in the apache.conf, my virtualhost's conf file or any other file that I do not know about.

What should I do? I need the two things to work, with mod-security turned on, as before: -> ISPConfig (working, the https does not have any red line striking through anymore) -> my website (at present not working)

I temporarily tried turning the SecRuleEngine to Off and everything started working again, but that was a scenario which I would not like to keep. I need mod_security to be on and the sites to work at the same time.

thanks in advance
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Chris GralikeSpecialistCommented:
Hi badwolff,

Could you please post the Apache error and access logs. Do this by:
0. Stop httpd.
1. moving the old logs,
2. configure the logging at INFO level,
3. start httpd,
4. make a request on the erroneous URL.
5. Post the logging results contained in the access and errorlog here.

rgrds, Chris

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badwolfffAuthor Commented:
Thanks Chris, all sorted. All it needed was a reboot of the system for the new rules I had written to activate. Sorry for the trouble. If I get stuck again I will write back.

And since you are the only one who took the trouble to reply, the points are yours.

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