RAID-1 Medium Errors on Both Drives -

Have an SBS-2008 server w an Adaptec 3805 controller and a RAID-1 on the OS and RAID-5 on the "data" volume.

RAID-1 logical device has both drives reporting medium errors and a "bad" stripe condition via Adaptec Storage Manager.  RAID status is reporting "OPTIMAL" on this RAID-1, but also reporting the bad stripe condition.

I need to replace drive 1 on this RAID-1 setup, as this one has failed in the past and I think this may be the culprit drive. Not sure if I can fail that drive and not have the logical volume crash on me, since the other drive that will remain online, is having medium errors as well. I'm unsure if during the rebuild process, there might be inconsistencies that will take me down.

I've done a verify/fix operation - ran about an hour and still reports a bad stripe condition. Haven't had a good backup on this server for 5 days now, as the imaging backup program is error'ing out due to the state of this RAID-1.

Thanks -
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It's very likely that the rebuild will cause data loss. I would make sure you have an 100% good backup, then change both disks and create a new array, and after that restore the backup to the new array.

You could then test the two old disks on a non-raid controller using the disk manufacturer's diagnostic utility, and if that tool says the disk(s) is (or are) fine, and if you have a spare bay in the server, use it as a hot-spare.

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hwtechAuthor Commented:
Thanks Rindi -

You confirmed my concerns on doing the fail/replace.

Wound up cloning both the OS and Data RAID volumes restoring to a temp server. Clone process detected sector errors on the RAID-1 as it was running, minimal # of errors flagged - so had some data loss but got a good boot on the interim server and it's now getting full backups.

Working on getting the original server drives replaced and restored. Thanks
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