Sharepoint 2013 people search not working for users

I have configured a SharePoint 2013 Standard search server which is configured correctly as far as i can tell. For both me (as admin) and for standard user accounts the search function is working, searches, filtering with refiners etc. But when i try to swap over to use the people search it only works as an admin. The user just gets the error "Sorry, something went wrong" although the refiners are showing and if you do a search the list of refiners is adjusted as well, however the error remains.

Any help you could provide would be most appreciated.
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Brad GrouxSenior Manager (Wintel Engineering)Commented:
Check out the following TechNet articles from Microsoft - Deploy people search in SharePoint Server 2013.

My guess is that maybe you haven't configured the crawling yet? So, because there isn't an index when you search as an admin you're doing an actual search (rather than a search of crawl data) and regular users don't have the rights to do that.

Check your profile DB and insure there are users in there for a crawl and insure that you synchronize users and group profiles.
PickEverardAuthor Commented:
I've double checked and the profile DB is showing 513 profiles (what i'd expect) and the database crawl log shows that the people pages have all been crawled successfully.

The reason i think it's not performing an actual search as an admin is when i mouse over the results from the people search i get other data returned instantly such as authored documents and group membership.
Jayaraja JayaramanSharepoint Architect ConsultantCommented:
if you can capture the correlationId along with the exception details. it would be easier to drill down the issue and isolate the assumptions
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PickEverardAuthor Commented:
The only correlation id i have managed to capture is cfc8af9c-28ad-b02e-2122-9aa49304521d but i have only seen it once, usually it only says "Sorry, something went wrong." and nothing else.
PickEverardAuthor Commented:
I have found the answer by pure fluke. Someone asked me if it was just a problem displaying the pictures as the side bar worked and it told you if results didn't exist. This reminded me that i'd added a new display template for the people list that included the work phone number. This was still set as a draft and hadn't been published so the users didn't have permission to view it. Once i had published it the error went away.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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PickEverardAuthor Commented:
I came across the solution by chance based on a random comment by a user.
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