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When defining SLA’s for a contract whereby a 3rd party SaaS provider will manage your application and data, what types of security SLA’s do you build into this, can you give perhaps a set of example security SLA’s just so I can get my head around the types of thing built into such contracts. I understand SLA’s from a performance and availability (i.e. uptime standpoint), but not so much from a security angle, so some examples would be most useful.
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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
Availability, responsiveness, quality and communication are important elements to consider for any service provider SLA

One of the most critical service-level guarantees is uptime percentage.
-e.g 99.5% uptime means that your site can potentially be down for 216 minutes per month without any penalty for the service provider. It is critical to understand what the service provider considers to be downtime.
how fast the service provider will respond to your service requests,
-how long upgrades will take,
-how fast service providers will detect and report problems

how the service provider will be penalized if the service-level guarantee is not met.  
-In most cases it simply means the service provider won’t bill you for that period of time.

provide for a number of standard service requests per month
-a number of emergency service requests per month
-reports to customers on bandwidth utilization, uptime analysis and log management
-offer the most up-to-date configuration online for your review  
-receive daily, weekly or monthly reports based on your firewall, IDS or VPN logs
-ad hoc or custom reports so you can perform troubleshooting or forensic analysis
-assured of backups of all configurations

can check out some article on meaningful SLA metric (which I think can be quite uniform for SaaS as well)

but do focus on the data ownership (privacy/confidentiality/insurance) and breach handling (liability of provider, punitive acts, corrective act/compensation)

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madunix (Fadi SODAH)Commented:
Notice, public clouds are controlled by a 3rd party and resources/services on them are essentially
rented to you, so be careful with the legal documents, up-time is very important, good support is vital and Backup plan
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