Convert spreadsheet and VBA code to Excel 2013

I'm following the guidelines for the conversion, but without success. The conversion procedure keeps opening the file system and asking me for file references, that I see no reason for. Then when the macros run, they come up with Name and other errors and complain that the refs are in other files. Don't get that. Any ideas ?
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Robberbaron (robr)Commented:
not enough info.

need to post your workbook with dummy data for us to test,
krakatoaAuthor Commented:
Sorry, cannot post the workbook.

I'm really looking for some help on why the conversion asks for values to be updated from other worksheets, while there are no references to any other worksheets/books anywhere in it, so I am looking for generic tips mainly.
Robberbaron (robr)Commented:
you must have linked files somewhere or references.

1. open workbook.  Data menu / see if the Edit Links option is available. if so, you have linked workbooks that may no loger be referenced in the worksheets themselves.

2. Open Developer Tab... Visual Basic.  now look at Tools menu, references.
Chances are there is a reference to an old version of XL or office library. eg Excel 12,0 or Office 12.0..  Deselect and select the current one from the list.

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krakatoaAuthor Commented:
Thanks - I'll be having a look at that suggestion itnf. Sorting out a glitch in smthg before I can do that.
krakatoaAuthor Commented:
Hi Robberbaron

the Data Edit Links is greyed out. As for the References, these are the only ones showing :

References in Developer menu
krakatoaAuthor Commented:
Lol - pretty peculiar! Without changing anything since I first posted on this, and since coming back to the question with my last comment to simply report the settings as I show above, I weirdly now see that it HAS decided to do the conversion with no further intervention on my part. Very odd.

I anyone wants to comment, please do, otherwise I will close the question soon. Thanks and sorry for the long wait.
krakatoaAuthor Commented:
It didn't work in my case, but deserves points as it's probably technically correct otherwise.
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