32 bit driver Not working

Good Afternoon,

I have a 32 bit corporate application running on a WIndows 2008 server.  I have modified the registry keys for both the hkey_local_machine\software\ODBC  and hkey_local_machine\software\WOW6432Node folders to ensure the MS Access Driver is pointing to the 32 bit Oracle driver installed.  I have created the System DSN to point to the Oracle 32 bit driver as well.  

The driver and setup in each of these folders has:


I have attached screen shots of the error messages I am getting in MS Access.  I believe the issue is that MS Access is still pointing to the 64 bit driver.    I am getting an architecture mismatch error between application and driver.  

Any suggestions are welcomed.

Thank you.
Tammi WarickSystems AnalystAsked:
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Tomas Helgi JohannssonCommented:

And is the MS Office that is installed on the Windows 2008 Server  32 bit as well ?
Access and the odbc driver need to be in the same 32 bit to be able to communicate between Access and odbc otherwise you get an architecture mismatch.

    Tomas Helgi
Tammi WarickSystems AnalystAuthor Commented:
Hello Tomas,

Thank you for your reply.  the MS Office suite was installed as 64 bit -- and I am thinking this is the source of the problem.  What are your thoughts?

My idea to only change the Access driver and ODBC to use the 32 bit driver so that the corporate application accessing the database were using the same 32 bit driver.  My team and I didn't want to change the 64 bit driver for the entire MS Office 2010 suite.  

however, I am still encountering the mismatch error.  I have verified that the Access driver and the ODBC driver are in fact the 32 bit drivers.

I hope this helps to clarify from my perspective.  

Thanks again,
Tomas Helgi JohannssonCommented:

The Office suite needs to be 32 bit as well as all the drivers  as I mentioned before.
If you have an application that is 32 bit then all other drivers and in some cases (as is with the Office suite) all other apps communicating with that application needs to be 32 bit as well.
A 32 bit Access driver can only communicate with the 32 bit Access application/database.

Architectural difference between 32 bit and 64 bit applications makes it impossible for them to communicate between each other directly.

     Tomas Helgi

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Tammi WarickSystems AnalystAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help.
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