How to do a directory listing of ZIP files?

I have been tasked with going through a client’s file shares and looking for file types with a specific extension.  I did this easily using the dir command.

I am now being asked to create a similar listing, but for items in ZIP files.  I am hoping to do something similar to the dir command with the /b switch.

I found the article below.  My only concern with it is the format of the output.  It will require a bit of work to make it similar to the dir command the /b switch.

I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions on how to accomplish this task?
Thanks in advance.
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Brad GrouxSenior Manager (Wintel Engineering)Commented:
This gentleman seems to have written a PowerShell script to do it -

You can also use PowerShell for sorting and dumping files names to CSV or Text as needed as well.
Sir LearnalotCommented:
cd to the directory where you would like to list the files and run the following command:

dir /b *.zip
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Two things you can look at using - In Windows, look at the File Server Resource Manager - great tool for reporting on File Server usage and statistics.  Can generate reports too.

Or, you can run the command where X: is the drive you want to check:

DIR /S /B *.ZIP X:\ > X:\ZIPFiles.txt

The above command will search the ENTIRE DISK for ZIP files and report the full path (BUT NOT THEIR SIZE!) and save that information to a file in the root of the specified drive.

If you just want a sub folder, such as the "Users" sub folder, use:
DIR /S /B *.ZIP X:\Users > X:\Users\ZIPFiles.txt

Again, replace "X" with the drive letter you want.
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Justin YeungSenior Systems EngineerCommented:
powershell =P
Get-ChildItem -path c:\ -Recurse | ? {$_.extension -eq ".zip"}

Open in new window

rye004Author Commented:
After some research, I found the following namespace in .net4.5 that was able to accomplish what I needed: System.IO.Compression;

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Sir LearnalotCommented:
Please close the issue by marking a solution. Have a great day
rye004Author Commented:
This ended up being the best solution for me.
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