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Store front 2.5 Load Balance\Failover

I have 2 storefronts (sf1 ,sf2) Using Netscaler vpx 10.1.

Configured 1st store front then added another. The base url is http://SF1.mine.com
The second Storefront SF2 has the same Base url sf1.mine.com as I assumed it should be.
I have set up Netscaler for LB for the storefronts. All seems to be working ok. LB is using Least connection for the LB service.
If I turn off the network connection for SF1 I can get to the SF from the Netscaler. but get notified I cannot be logged in.
I turn it back on and all is well. I then turn off SF2 and all works fine still. Only if the Primary SF is off do I get this issue

So SF 1 is the host of the first Storefront (SF1). the secondary Storefront Uses the Primary storefront baseurl. The Load-balanced VIP on the scaler I have named just Storefront.

I cant figure out how the configuration should be so that if I turn off either sf then failover\lb should work. Does anyone have any idea where I am going wrong on this configuration

Ron Simpson
Ron Simpson
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1 Solution
Justin YeungCommented:
did you confirm the 2nd storefront is working probably, connect to the 2nd storefront server and test connection.
Ron SimpsonAuthor Commented:
I have 2 different login background for each sf and yes i do get to both when testing lb.
Ron SimpsonAuthor Commented:
My Base url is the same as the server name it resides on. I will call it. http://store1.mine.com the server is also called Store1.mine.com.

When I added the second storefront server its gets the same base URL
So now both servers use  http://store1.mine,com as the base url

If I turn off the first server Store1.mine.com how does traffic get directed to that url. This is where I am a bit lost.
My Second Server name is Store2.mine.com but the url points to store1.mine.com. How can I verify connectivity to strore2

Should the base url be changed?.
LB within the Netscaler seems to be ok. But still when i turn off the 1st loadbalanced store I get no access but when i shut off the second store things are fine...

Any one have more leads to this issue,..

Thanks again
Ron SimpsonAuthor Commented:
If i got to the Store2 url it works ok as well..



both of these work on their own and are the 2 server I have in the LB setup on the scaler..
I am confused on the Baseurl of http://store1.mine.com/
Should the second store front be using this URL or its own?

Thanks Again
Dirk KotteSECommented:
if you sync the 2 storefront installations () you are unable to define a second base-url.
so booth servers are connected with the same base-url.
if you use a netscaler-vserver named "storelb.mine.com" the base url must be "storelb.mine.com" also,       although no real server has this name.
Ron SimpsonAuthor Commented:
Just got back from vacation. Still working out details on this issue
Dirk KotteSECommented:
hi, some news?
do you need some additional help?
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