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I'm in the midst of downloading a couple VM's purely by using the "Download" Command while browsing the DataStore of the VM.  I simply opened up each VM in the Datastore, selected all files, and chose to Download them to a Windows Share.  I needed to do this to increase the space of the primary data store.  I planned to set up the new DataStore then copying these VM Files right back over.
I noticed that the .vmdk's have now duplicated with one being a small 1k file and the other being the size of the disk but it attached -flat to the end.  So I have Disk.vmdk and Disk-flat.vmdk.  

Am I going to be able to simply add these VM's back to inventory and power them back up?  What about this -flat file?

I'm looking for some advice, and hopefully by morning as that is when I plan to power these back on!  

Thanks all
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This is completely normal that there are two files for a virtual disk. (you just do not see them through the vSphere Client - they are masked!)

if you were to login at the console, or remotely you would see two files per virtual disk.

the first file

Disk.vmdk - this is the descriptor file which has the disk geometry and information, e.g. scsi or ide etc (it's a text file)
Disk-flat.vmdk - this contains the actual virtual machine data.

When you copy them back they will be fine, but do make sure you copy them both back, as both are needed.
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Thank you. Worked like a charm!  

Copying the files off was a LOT faster than moving the files back though!  Wow!

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