Get mail/sms alert when ups on (raspberry pi?)?

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I wonder if there are solutions to monitor my ups (basic apc 350). I d like to get an email or sms whenever ups is activated/used and when its not used anymore.

Are there budget solutions for it or simple ways to configure via raspberry pi?

Pls advise.
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What software came with your UPS?

As far as I recall, these devices come with software called PowerChute that can send email alerts.

You might find this article helpful if you don't have the software or are configuring email alerting from a Linux server:


Thanks but I m not looking for a Windows solution or Linux. I m looking for a device which can monitor idependably, like a raspberry pi.
Sorry, I misunderstood.  I'm afraid that this is beyond my scope of knowledge.
I hope you at least looked at my link,
You didnt make any comments??
from my link
Now that you can send a SMS message from your Raspberry Pi you can setup shell scripts to check on system health and if something is not right the you can get a text message alerting you of the issue.

I have this and other guides on my site


Your script is for sending sms-s via mail.  Thanks but don't need that.
Thank you.

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