I can only run/save one .c file at a time in this c++ project

I am trying to run 1.c because xxx.c has errors

I tried run without debug
run with debug

and every time I am told of xxx.c errors

I am using visual studio express 2013 and the only way I know how to create a .c file is to add to source directory
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1.c is not posted. What exact error messages are you getting?
Subrat (C++ windows/Linux)Software EngineerCommented:
What is written in xxx.c? Something is wrong there. So you r getting error. There is nothing to do with 1/n no of .c files to compile/execute.What's the error msg?
rgb192Author Commented:
I am doing tutorials to learn
Sometimes one file has an error, so I want to move on to the next chapter without caring what previous file error is

1.c has no errors
xxx.c (and other files I create) have errors
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Subrat (C++ windows/Linux)Software EngineerCommented:
where is this tutorial is? I don't think it's a programing error related to the Zone you have posted.
Please be specific. What link you are using for study? Is it Experts exchange or something else?
rgb192Author Commented:


short tutorials about pointers in c
I am using visual studios for c++
>> xxx.c (and other files I create) have errors
Post the code having errors, and provide the exact compiler errors that you are getting.
rgb192Author Commented:
I do not know how to get to xxx.c
because I went to solution explorer->consoleApplication1(my project)->source files->and right click on xxx.c->exclude from project

This is a quick fix, that allows debugging/running of one file 1.c
but I think
exclude from project
is time consuming if I get 30+ files
You should be able to get the file back into the project if you want by hitting source files->and right click on Add -> Existing Items...
Then select xxx.c and it will reappear in your project.
Just be sure that there is only one main() function in your project if you have more than one source file.

How are you getting 30+ files?

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rgb192Author Commented:
okay, toggle on toggle off files

I do not have 30+ files yet

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