Network Address change on Windows 7

Wireless Network Address for Network Adapter isn't changing on Windows 7. I tried Properties>Configure>Advanced>Network Address. Then manually set the address. But it's not working.
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Khandakar Ashfaqur RahmanExpert/ConsultantAsked:
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Scott BollingerSenior Systems EngineerCommented:
Are you trying to set a static ip address for this computer or are you trying to change the MAC/network card burned in address?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The way I understand your question, you need to turn off DHCP.

However, please be careful. Almost all workstations are BEST run with DHCP. Do not set static addresses as you will have later problems. Static addresses rarely if ever solve a workstation problem.
Khandakar Ashfaqur RahmanExpert/ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I understand it became a bit confusing when I used "Network Address".
Actually it is MAC Address/NIC Hardware address or Layer 2 Network Address.

However, if you to go  NIC adapters Properties>Configure>Advanced tab then you will find Network address. You can manually set the Network Hardware Address.
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For this setting to work the Network Interface Card (NIC) should probably support cloning of MAC addresses.

For other options to spoof the MAC-address you might have a look at this website.
Altough the following link is older it does give some more info about MAC-address spoofing:

I also found this program (I have no experience with it) which is completely freeware.
Technitium MAC Address Changer
Technitium works by writing a value in the windows registry.
It's actually the same as method 2 from this link.
Khandakar Ashfaqur RahmanExpert/ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I tried with SMAC and change MAC but no luck.

However, I need to test with TMAC. But I think it is Win 7 issue. Most of the Win 7 users are complaining the same.
That's a pity that it didn't work with SMAC.
In the case that TMAC doesn't work also, I found this thread:
which is referring to this website:

So it can be indeed a limitation of Windows 7.
quote is limitation from Microsoft. Sometimes the problem can be fixed by downgrading driver for wireless adapter and installing its version for Windows XP. And then the MAC address can be changed to any MAC address without limitation. But downgrade may cause incorrect work of device.

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Khandakar Ashfaqur RahmanExpert/ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Though my issue was not resolved but I found this is a Win 7 limitation. Thanks all experts. Your comments were helpful
Thanks for your feedback.
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