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Please bear with me, I'm new to Joomla.

How do I have a person directed to a particular page based on their homepage login.  

For example:  UserA -- login and lands on page1.htm  (no access to other pages)
                          UserB -- login and lands on page2. htm (no accesss to other pages)
                         UserC -- login and lands on page3. htm (no accesss to other pages)

I hope that makes sense.

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There's a few ways to make this happen, and most of them involve coding to detect the login and respond appropriately.  One quick and dirty way to do this is to use a blog listing with individual access levels.  Create individual access levels for each of the users.  Make sure the users are part of their respective access level.  Then create your three articles, assigning each of them the proper access level requirement.  Make sure they are all in the same category.  Finally, create a blog listing pointing to that category.  When a user logs in and accesses the blog listing, Joomla will only show them the articles for which they have access.

More generally, Joomla is not designed with this granularity of security in mind.  As you can probably tell, this strategy will not scale well, and will become a management nightmare rather quickly.  To do this properly, this will require a component or plugin.  Take a look around the Joomla Extension library.  They might have something that betters fits your needs.


Thanks.  I agree this would become a nightmare.

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