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Crossforest move from Ex2003 to Ex2010

There are 2 different domains and
40 users. has Ex2003 server. has Ex2010 server.
I don't want to run ADMT or any other scripts to move users/computers.
I will run utility (profile wizard) on each PC to join to new domain keeping old user profile.
So I will have initially user Jack Daniels without mailbox in new domain and Jack Daniels with mailbox in old domain.
Can I move Jack's mailbox to new server and then connect it to Jacks account in new domain?
Can it be done without setting a trust between domains?
Method with psf files I know.
Thank you
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 cross-forest mailbox moves were not available until exchange 2010; can't do it with 2003

It does not look like  those guys think so:
that involves creating a trust; you asked about not doing that
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I see..
Actually export /import to PST is better then those scripts they tried to run without success.
I just realized what scary me : it is moving all users in 1 weekend...
What if I set new Exchange 2010 as receiving/sending server and old Exchange 2003 will connect Exchange 2010?
Then I can export one mailbox to PST , recover it on Ex 2010 and hack user profile on his PC to wake up in new domain.
Couple of them per day would work.
The issue as I see both Exchange servers have certificate installed fro the same external domain --
Ex 2003 is in internal domain and Ex 2010 is in internal domain but both has to accept email for
Any link to "how to" ?

Thank you.
Since they are on different exchange org and both have same accepted which, you have to ask user to move the PST before weekend.

Then on weekend, create the mailbox for 40 users, change the MX records to point to new exchange server:

Priority      MX               Server
10        Exchange 2010

On coming Monday, you have to ask user to create new outlook profile to point to Exchange 2010.
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So there is no way to make 2 Ex servers receiving email for for different users even with setting trust between domains?
The main point here is you used same external domain. You have to think about MX records, say you create addtional MX records.

Priority     MX                       Server
10              Exchange 2010
20              Exchange 2003

The mail from outside to, it will look for MX with lowest priority so based on above, mail to be received by Exchange 2010.

Say you remained the existing MX, mail will route to Exchange 2003 1st, to route mail for mailbox exist on Exchange 2010, you have to create a connector.

For me as you have only 40 users, it would be easier and faster to do fully cutover on weekends :)
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I will go with 1 weekend solution.
Actually I can make contacts on new Ex 2010 and forward them to user accounts left on Ex 2003.
For those who left for next weekend :)
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