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exchange forces user to change password every time outlook connects to the server (closing/opening outlook)

One user only, tried new email profile, same thing.  Every time she opens outlook it connects and forces her to change her password.  It says her password has expired and she needs to change it.  every.single.time!
1 Solution
It is happened on OWA? Does password policy apply to her? Does she add another addtional (shared mailbox) to her outlook
Run rsop.msc on client computer and check that account password policy is applied successfully.Run net account from command on client computer to check the password policy.

I will recommend to disjoin the client computer to domain and reconfigure outlook profile and check how does it work. If still the issue persist create new profile for user on this client computer and check.
rhwimmersAuthor Commented:
Does not happen on OWA.
Policies appear to be ok - couldnt apply IE branding but other than that rsop looked ok.  running net accounts i get this
Force user logoff how long after time expires?:       Never
Minimum password age (days):                          0
Maximum password age (days):                          90
Minimum password length:                              8
Length of password history maintained:                24
Lockout threshold:                                    5
Lockout duration (minutes):                           15
Lockout observation window (minutes):                 15
Computer role:                                        WORKSTATION
The command completed successfully.

Which matched what the gui/rsop showed.
got out of domain into workgroup change pc name, re-joined domain and logged in - same issue with outlook/exchange causing pw to be changed.
before I did this i gave her a new profile and that did not help either.
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Is the time correct on her workstation?
Are you on a wired / wireless connection? If on wired have you tried a different network port and/or NIC?
What happens when the user logs onto another workstation to use Outlook?
rhwimmersAuthor Commented:
Time is correct.
wired - workstation, so it only has one NIC.  Changed on switch port but no change.

Logging on to another computer revealed something interesting - it logs me in with a temporary profile on one workstation, no matter how many times I reboot.  Also ran gpupdate and for some reason on that particular PC it would always give her a temp account (logged in as another user that had not logged in before and it was fine)

on another workstation that the profile had never logged in - I logged in and outlook ran the setup wizard fine, found the name/mailbox etc..everything was fine.  Multiple closes and restarts and it does not force her to change her password from this machine.
It sounds like a problem with her workstation?  Have you tried to enable verbose logging in Outlook?


Any errors/warnings in the event logs on the workstation?

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