Unable to control TV picture size when Samsung Netbook runs downloaded TV player files

I have a Samsung Netbook N150Plus 2GB RAM with 'Windows7 Starter' OS.

I can download BBCi TV programs to the netBook, and view them on my TV screen.
However, NetBook>Control Panel>Display does not enable me to adjust the size of the TV picture, to fill the TV screen.
Is there a work-around?

I am thinking of installing Linux Mint on a sector of this this Netbook HD to speed up applications.
If I did that, would this provide the required adjustment of the size of my TV picture?

Thanks, Kelvin
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I used to access this option from the nvidia control panel when I had the TV connected to my capture card
in there was a setting to enable full screen on 2ndary monitor
Is the TV listed as a secondary screen?
go to control panel all Nvidia Control Panel.
What's your video card?  Look in it's manager
Borrowed off the web
 Read up in the nvidia help section it states 8 series cards do not support full screen video display on secondary display, these high end cards can be disappointing with such advancements.
I also note Windows7 Starter' OS. < could also be limitations?

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The problem is that your computer graphics card works at different resolutions than those of your TV screen. This affects image in two aspects: loss of detail (working with low resolutions) and cropped image output (in probably every resolution).

TVs usually work at resolutions like 720p (1280x720) or 1080p (1920x1080), both of which are 16:9 resolutions.

Your graphics card needs to be outputting a resolution similar to that if you want to see the image perfectly fitting the screen without distortion.

If those resolutions aren't available, the next easy solution is to use your TV set's screen aspect ratio settings to force filling the screen. TV's usually have more than one option for this.

Below is the link of Samsung's official information on using external monitors, including resolutions available:

Windows 7 starter is a rather crippled OS, there isn't much you can can adapt there. But also most netbooks are rather limited in their hardware, often their display won't go beyond 1024x600 resolutions. Some netbooks have a better GPU based on NVidia, and those can sometimes be tweaked to display a higher virtual resolution than your actual display supports. But those are "high-end" netbooks, and they wouldn't come with Windows 7 starter in the first place.

So I doubt you'll get any better results with Linux Mint or another Linux distro. But I still do think using Linux would be a better option for other things.
Kelvin4Author Commented:
Thanks for three complementary and informative comments
Glad to help Kelvin4 thankyou..
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