Is there any extension or any combination of free or commercial extensions that could do W3 Total Cache's work in Magento?

Hi all? I have a Linux VPS all set up with Varnish, Memcache and APCu. I also have accounts on Cloudflare and Amazon CloudFront, which I already use with my other Wordpress sites through W3 Total Cache. That is an amazing pluging that does it all in one.

Is there anything similar, free or commercial, for Magento that could bring together Varnish, various types of caching taking advantag of Memcache/APCu, CDN, Cloudflare, minifying+gzip compression, etc?

If there is no one system that does it, perhaps a combination that someone had tried and could suggest that might make my magento sites as efficient and fast as my Wordpress ones?

Thanks in advance
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Alfredo Luis Torres SerranoASP .Net DeveloperCommented:
Memcache you install yourself



Gzip should already be enabled, so you wont gain much by minifiying, but Magento has the option in admin to combine all js and css

To make the server quicker get rid of Apache and use nGinx instead.

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badwolfffAuthor Commented:
Hi all! Thanks for the replies.
No offence to anyone but I think Gary's answer is most complete and his links are the most pertinent or at least the most useful to me.
Gary I hear you about Nginx. At present I have Varnish 4 on Apache 2.4.
I know Nginx under Varnish would be great but I am not good at nginx syntax and I will have to go and find each and every command every time I need it. Perhaps next server I set up will be so.
However I noticed that Cloudflare uses Nginx and I use Cloudflare so perhaps in a certain sense I am using Nginx on Varnish on Apache. No?
Nginx can take a little bit of getting used to, but once you have a server template it's just case of adding your domain name and doc root
Or use something like ISPConfig which has nginx has a server option
badwolfffAuthor Commented:
Have you ever tried Varnish + Nginx + Percona
A friend of mine is suggesting that I do so.
I am a bit scared of the learning curve associated with Percona with respect to MySql with which I am finally comfortable.
Any personal experience or comments?
I've no experience with Percona
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