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I have a SharePoint Document library, where documents are being uploaded automatically using a webservice and it uses "system account" to post the documents. Now, I have set up a SharePoint Designer workflow to start automatically when an Item is created to delete the documents 14days after the item is created.

Here are my workflow steps:

1. Pause Until Duration for 14 days
2.Delete the Item.

Now, since the account under which this will be running is the account that created the item, which is system account, Do I need to add an impersonation step prior to Pause Until Duration Step?

Please help,
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Shouldn't need to, so long as the instigator has delete (contribute) permissions it doesn't matter who created the doc

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TechsavyAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the response, but there are cases where some users are saying that a SPD designer workflow can't start automatically if the initiator is a system account. Please see below.
TechsavyAuthor Commented:

If I were to add imperonation step, where should I add it? should it be the first step?

Ammar GaffarSoftware EngineerCommented:
This is to confirm that workflow can't start automatically if the initiator is a system account, so even impersonation step will not fix it because it will be a part of your workflow which is not running!

Try to create another account in your AD for this purpose (and of course will be valid for similar situations) and use this account to call the targeted web service.

Good Luck
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