Thin Client Options (Just need ability to telnet/SSH and web browser as cheap as possible)

We have a call center with 300+ seats.  Each seat mostly just needs to telnet/ssh into a server to access text based surveys.  Sometimes they need to browse to the web to view surveys online.  

I am looking for cheap (as cheap as possible) and easy thin client options for this.   Any suggestions?
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Casey WeaverNetwork EngineerCommented:
When you say thin client, does this mean you already have a system for them to log into? (I see you tagged this as citrix). Or are you looking for the cheapest client with built in utilities such as a web browser and SSH/Telnet client? The obvious downfall to that is if your requirements change in the future, you're stuck with whatever the vendor can supply you in software support. If you already have citrix or RDS or VMWare View rolled out, I can give some cheap suggestions.

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XetroximynAuthor Commented:
We dont have any citrix server or anything like that.   Are there solutions like that that could cost less than $100-200 per seat (server and thinclient costs together?)

Our requirements will not change much... except for some specific jobs which we will keep a few full blooded windows PC's around for.
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Depends on how much centralization you need. I would probably just build Cheap PCs with linux on them. Even an old used PC can handle what you need. If you can get 350 similar machines, then simply install one and clone the drive or use any of the free programs to push our images to all the machines.

I hope this helps !
Casey WeaverNetwork EngineerCommented:
Yeah at that point I would recommend getting into a government auction. You can get lots of decent Pentium 4 and Core 2 machines at that price point, though you may still need some used hard drives for them. But used hard drives can be bought cheap by the pallet on ebay. Then load linux on them, Debian would work nicely for this job.
XetroximynAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys... I am looking for something more "out of the box"... If there is nothing cheap like that just let me know.
Do you mean an entire setup for remote desktop and clients? Than no, you cannot achieve it for just $100 to $200 per session. If if it is possible to get clients that cheap you will still need a centralized server (MS being the cheapest one) and CAL's for this setup cost you (i though) over $50 a piece.

The easiest setup i have ever seen to this day (i've seen to many to be honest) is using VDI-in-a-box. It's a feature that Citrix uses that you can actually setup in a few minutes (not joking here) because the entire management suite is an appliance. Pro is that all and every device can connect to Citrix without the need to have some very complex configuration.

Do keep in mind this is for small to very small businesses (i wouldn't recommend this for companies with more than 50 workspaces) but it might fit your need.

But if you max budget is 100 to 200 i'm afraid SBC isn't what you are looking for.
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