Samsung NP300-A02us

I was having hard drive issues last night. Ran seatools and it failed. I shut off laptop for the night.

This morning went to get a hard drive and the windows setup wouldn't find a hard drive for install. I check the BIOS and it showed a drive after I re-seat the cables. Every time as of last few boots, the bios will show the hdd but when i run the windows 7 setup at the screen for I would usually format it wont show me any drives. I have tried 2 discs (I don't have any more to test) and also I used the new drive and my old one and both same results.

I have reset the bios also. I'm hoping the SATA controller isnt hosed. The The laptop is out of warranty and has been running properly. I'm albe to run live OS (linux) but nothing hard drive related.
Joel BudITAsked:
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You'll need the driver for the disk controller, if it comes as an exe file, run that exe file first so the driver gets extracted, then copy it to a SB stick, which you can load during the installation where you would select the location you want to install the OS to.

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is there a second disk bay?  if yes, install the disk in there and try again
what laptop model is this?

also - test the drives (both) on a working PC !  the controller may have damaged the interface
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
If BIOS sees the drive and Windows setup won't see it then there are two possible causes of this:
1)The drive controller needs special driver to be loaded first as Windows default package does not have it
2)You are using UEFI configuration and the drives have already GPT structure on them and Windows installation does not see any drive which would suit for Windows install. For this you need to erase the drives using Wipe feature (write zeros to it).
The easiest to check is with UEFI - see in BIOS if it is enabled.
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You need to have 64bit version of windows for your laptop.

You will have to download and extract to usb device the,intel rapid storage driver

When you run setup you will be asked if you want to install 3rd party driver select this then select the usb device.

This should solve your issue.
Joel BudITAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

resolved my own problem
i'm also curious
Joel BudITAuthor Commented:
I had a bad HDD and went out and got a 1tb hybrid. I think that was the whole problem. After I installed the new hybrid I was able to install windows 7 and ubuntu. When all these issues had started I knew the drive was going bad except it took a turn for the worse rather quickly. I was trying to boot to windows 7 dvd to install and it wouldnt show my HDD. The HDD was listed in the BIOS but the windows advanced menu (When booting to win7 dvd for install) would not list a drive.

I thought the controller card was bad myself. It ended up being fine as of now. It seems to be running better then ever. I'm happy I went with the hybrid.

I appreciate everyone's help and suggestions. All you guys were def in the right area.  I just lucked out....

TY all
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