How to move all controls (quickly) from one TabSheet to another

Hi, I have a form with 2 TPageControls on it. The 1st one has 3 TabSheets, and on the 2nd of these Tabsheets, I have placed another TPageControl that contains 2 additional TabSheets. I need to move all controls (and keep them intact) that were on the 1st PageControl and 1st TabSheet, to the 2nd PageControl/1st TabSheet. Is the only way to cut and paste each individual control, or is there a slicker way to do it quickly?

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You can multi-select all controls that you want to move to the destination tabsheet and copy & paste them all together.

To multi-select all controls in the 1st PageControl and 1st TabSheet press and hold shift key and select one control after another.

You can also press and hold CTRL key and multi-select the controls with a mouse window.

After all controls are selected you can copy & paste or cut & paste them to 2nd PageControl/1st TabSheet

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ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
Or you may use a view-based UI approach. Normally each page of a Tab is a unit. So create a view for each page, then you only need to change the assignement of the view to the tab. A view in this context can be a frame or a form.
Sinisa VukSoftware architectCommented:
In Structure view (where object are shown as parent/child in treeview) find your tabsheet and select all child components holding shift. Then in popup menu select Edit/Cut - find destination tabsheet in Structure view and do paste.
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shawn857Author Commented:
Thanks all. Sinisa, after I selected all my components and chose Edit/Cut, there was no "paste" option in my destination TabSheet under the "Edit" popup menu.

Sinisa VukSoftware architectCommented:
Strange, try to select in design view same tabsheet and use edit/paste there.
shawn857Author Commented:
Thanks to all who replied. This was the most straightforward solution for me.

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