My users aren't always being prompted that an Excel or Word file is already in use on a 2008 File Share

My users aren't always being prompted when someone's already in a file and when they come to save it, they're unable to.   This seems to happen when files are open from a long period of time and I'm wondering if its being caused by the volume shadow copies being taken hourly, although I've found nothing to backup this though.

any help in trouble shooting this issue would be greatly appreciated
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TopCat-007Author Commented:
Shadow copy has been ruled out because the problem has be re-created between the scheduled shadow copies.
I've been unable to re-create the problem myself with any word documents, so it appears just to be Excel Docs.

We're running a mixture of Office 2010/2013, and Win7/8.1; the problem could be being caused by the windows 8.1 with 2013 machine which first opens the documents, I'm trying to confirm this but it might be impossible to do so.
TopCat-007Author Commented:
This problem appears to have been resolved by saving the original 2007/2013 Excel docs in a 2003 format and then converting them back to 2007/2013 docs.

you live and learn..

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Sometimes it happens if you have enabled details pane file browser. Try turn off the details pane.
TopCat-007Author Commented:
Do you mean the Preview pane, rather than the details pane?   If so I agree, the preview pane has never worked but  aparently its a bit better with Win 8.
No, I mean Details pane (file browser -> Organize -> Layout -> Details Pane).
When file browser try read detail from file sometimes lock it and when you open file shows warning  (file in use)
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