Outside Wireless. What mode to use on the 2 EOC2611p

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I have been up and down in all documentation for this, also on youtube. I just find that one one actually explain what mode to use in what side to get internet to remote building

Please see attaced Map

Building 1 has internet and and external EOC2611p
Building 2 has an EOC2611p that I want to use as Access Point

The available modes for each of the devices are:
Client Bridge
WDS Bridge
Client Router

It should all be one big network

I just need to know what mode i should use on 1 and 2 as pr map attached

What mode to use on each of the 2 sides?
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I would use access point on Building 1 and Bridge on building 2


Thanks for reply
You mean Client Bridge or WDS Bridge in Building 2?
If i use Bridge in Building 2, I will then need a switch (for cables) or AP inside. Is that not right?
I wanted to use the outside 2611p in Building 2 as an Access Point so they can connect directly to it?
With that setting, can i use access point in both ends with 2 different SSID?

Can you give some more throughts to explain the options you think i have?

Thanks again
On the 2611 - set Building 1 and building 2 to AP - WDS Bridge

You need to put the MAC adress for the other AP into the WDS List - both ways.

If you need to access the Wireless in Building #2  then set it up in AP #2  - OTherwise - you just bring the Primary from AP#2  down to a POE and from there into your building Switch
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Did I understand this correct?
Building 1 as Access Point and put the wireless MAC on Building 2 into Building  1's WDS MAC LIST

Building 2  as Access Point and put the wirless MAC on Building 1 into Building 2's WDS MAC LIST

I can not use the AP in building 2 but need an internal AP inside building 2 that I give a totally different SSID for use in that building

Is this correct?

Thanks alot
I looked at this closer again

Setup access point in building 2 and client bridge in building 1 linking to building 2.

This will give building 2 direct connection to AP and the bridge will route traffic to the internet


That did the trick :)
Thanks alot

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