Permissions on folders in win 7

Hello I have a windows 7 system that not connected to any domain or anything special but I am trying to backup the user folder to reload windows and a few of the documents .doc, pdf's are saying I need permission to preform this action.. You required permission from the computers administrator to make changes to this file..... I am not sure what's going on the user doesn't have any special permissions I think she may have tried to do something with out telling us...... Some of the folders move over with out any problems but some of the folders in her documents folders are not moving ... I connected the drive to Linus Knoppix and the same thing... Any suggestions or ideas on how to remove all permissions... if you need more info let me know
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Brad GrouxSenior Manager (Wintel Engineering)Commented:
Basically she (her local account) doesn't have access to the files that you are trying to backup. So, you'll need to log in as a local administrator to back up all of the required files. You can right-click the file(s) in question, choose "properties" and then select the "security" tab to view the current permissions on the file(s).
Windows 7 File Permissions
Chad FranksSenior System EngineerCommented:
some of the files, folders, you may need to take ownership of them.  Or if some of the files are opened elsewhere you won't be able to move them.  You can try to copy rather than move...
Deerek11Author Commented:
@Chad that was the original problem some of the docs would give us read only access stating they were open elsewhere .... but those docs where recent and old docs on her system, some as old as 2010 and she had use them in the past without the system saying they were open and could only be read only or open new copy....
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Chad FranksSenior System EngineerCommented:
I would do the take ownership option:
Deerek11Author Commented:
When I go into advance security settings for the documents then edit, then try to add myself or the user to the list then hit apply I get this message that you do not have the permission to read the contents of the directory ........ and the document name that has been giving me trouble.... Access is denied
Maybe there is some file-system corruption? Run chkdsk DriveLetter: /f /r on the partition, and when that is done, try accessing the files again.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Are you sure that you try to add yourself under local system account?
In search pane type: lusrmgr.msc
Select found item and press enter. Then double click on Users.
There find Administrator at right pane - right click on it - Properties.
This account is disabled.
Remove the checkbox, set the password if needed and save.
Sign out current user and sign in with Administrator.
Under this account try to get access to the folder you need.
Chad FranksSenior System EngineerCommented:
looks like you will have to be local admin to take ownership
Semper PhiSystems IntegratorCommented:
you can also boot a linux CD like Ubuntu or Mint and copy the files off that way...
Possibly simpler.  Add Take Ownership to right click context menu.

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