How do you create a relationship with date table in SQL Server Data Tools

I am using SSDT 2012 to create a tabular model. I have several tables (Order, Order Details, Delivery Details, Item Details etc.) All of these are working fine. I have created relationships between these tables and I can sort and sum my data. My issue however is creating and assigning the date table. I created a data table with many date columns (Date, Month Name, Year, FY etc.) but I cannot get this table to work with all the others. I assigned it as the date table and marked the date column. Then when I do a report and select FY 2015, if gives me every order from the order table. If I create a relationship between the Date field and the Order date field, then it works. However, I cannot have another active relationship with the delivery date and Date field. So in short, how to I make the date table work with all the other table's date field?
jsgrosskopfIS ManagerAsked:
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Are you after how to do this in SSDT, or are you after how do yo do this in SQL?

Please provide the table and field names.

{+ edit} btw: I don't use SSDT so all I can offer s the SQL
sample data and expected result would greatly assist too.
I don't use that tool either but the normal way to do that is to add a copy of the date table for each date you need to use it with.

ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
Haven't tested this with SSDT 2012, but I do it as advised by Kimball: Each date column points to a semantically different dimension. Cause they have the same values, create one complete base date dimenension table. Create views of it to get the semantics. Build the relationships to the according views.
jsgrosskopfIS ManagerAuthor Commented:
I finally found this out, there is a calculation you can do in the date table with the "userelationship" variable and all my relationships work. Thanks for all the responses.

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jsgrosskopfIS ManagerAuthor Commented:
Solution was found. Thanks for all the comments helping me
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