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Adding rows to SQL table depending on key values from another table

I have three tables.

Table A - Vendor Contracts Table
Table B - Vendor Agreement Details
Table C - Vendor Agreement codes and descriptions

What I need to do is for every vendor in table A,  add rows to table B for each of the rows in table C.

So for instance I have Vendor 1234567890 in Table A, I want to add rows to table B for that vendor for every "Vnn" row in table C.   "Vnn" is just a serious of codes from V1 - V9.  

There are currently a total of 9 "Vnn" codes and there respective descriptions in Table C.   So in Table B I would end up with the following:

Vendor                           Code
123456789                      V01
123456789                      V02
123456789                      V09

and of course for each of the other Vendors in table A.

No need to worry to much about what other columns will be selected/added.  I just need to know what the structure/syntax would look like to do this.
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So in the example above, you are using "tableAID" to select all the information from the various tables, then using this for the resulting insert, correct?
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Robert Lind

Yes.  In your case, you would have to match the ID's for your tables, from your example that would be the vendor column in tables a and c.
I was making this waaaaay to difficult.. LOL.  My mindset has been tied up so much in SP's and TSQL that I forgot to think simple!

Thanks for the example.