Moving DHCP Server to new server

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We have server 2003 running as the DHCP server, we have implemented a new Windows 2012 R2 server. I have tried to backup the 2003 DHCP and restore it to the 2012 R2 DHCP. It says it was restored successfully, but it doesn't show any of our scopes? This is all done through the backup and restore under DHCP.
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I've never successfully moved a DHCP server via backup restore.  I've always ended up reducing the lease time to a few hours on the old server, building a new DHCP server, turn off the old one and activate the new one.  pretty straight forward and quick to do - just need to plan a little in advance to turn down the lease time.
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I agree with dons6718, that is how I have also completed DHCP server moves in the past.

Here's a link to do the migration from 2003 to 2012.


This worked perfectly

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