Botched Windows Update News Site, Forum, Blog or some sort of Tracking community?

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I have been wondering in the back of my mind for a while now if there are any news sites, forums, blogs or some sort of tracking community official or otherwise that consistently tracks Microsoft Windows updates as close to the release date as possible?  Tracking many items such as compatibility issues with third party systems and most importantly Microsoft's own OS?  

I know WSUS is a good tool for managing potentially resume generating Microsoft "patches", but it's only as good as knowing which updates are botched, and these take a while to suss out, which can be a full time job in its self.

So I am wondering does anyone have any sites that they follow even a Microsoft link that is a good source to catch these things before they get pushed out?  I know you can turn off auto approvals and use "notify but don't download or install" and other GPO logic to act as safe guards.  But it would be nice to have info or community telemetry on these things.

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions.
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Check out - it should be a mailing list run by Susan Bradley and Jason Miller (MVPs).



This is perfect and exactly what I was looking for:)

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