Windows 8 Remote Desktop Port Opening

I have a client with a Windows 8.1 brand new computer.  I use no-ip to allow him to remote into the machine while off-site.  He has 3 such machines so each has a different RDP port.  For the life of me I can't get the brand new Windows 8.1 machine to have an open port.  I tried 3388, matter what port I choose, I can't see the port open at canyouseeme.  I turned off the firewall, turned it on and added an exception for one port, range of ports, etc.  I'm at loss here.  I have never had any issues with an XP or Windows 7 machine, seems like something in Windows 8 is causing me an issue.  

Also, I checked the logs on the router and I see it the request getting through there just fine.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
on the router you have to enable port forwading for tcp for the applicable port i.e.
3389 -> pc1, 3390 -> pc2 , 3391 -> pc3.  Since on pc2 and 3 your are using a non standard port you will have to open the firewall and add the port to an allowed incoming port
pjnuttAuthor Commented:
That's the thing.  I have the port forwarding rule setup on the router AND Windows Firewall turned off.  I uninstalled the preloaded Anti-virus, so that's not it!

Any other ideas?
pjnuttAuthor Commented:
I have also added the rule to open the port in the firewall even though I have it turned off!
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First thing is check to see if you can connect to your Windows 8 machine from another computer on the local network, using your Windows 8 machine's local IP address (e.g. the 192.168.xx.xx IP). If you can, it's a router issue. If you can't, it's a client issue.

Make sure you have enabled Remote Desktop. Go to the start menu, search for "This PC", right click, Properties, Remote tab, and enable "Allow remote connections to this computer".

Make sure that your user account has a password, and it must be a member of either the "Administrators" group, or the "Remote Desktop Users" group on the Windows 8 machine.

Make sure the Windows 8 computer has a static IP address (or a DHCP reservation on your router), and your router is forwarding to the port to that IP.

RDP runs on TCP port 3389 by default, make sure that is the port you forward.

Double-check your WAN IP address is correct using

Make sure when you attempt to connect that you are doing so from an OUTSIDE network. Some routers do not properly support NAT hairpinning and connecting to your WAN IP address from within your own LAN doesn't work.
pjnuttAuthor Commented:
This was actually due to NOT having the professional version of Windows 8.1.  Without it, you can not remotely login to a machine,

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pjnuttAuthor Commented:
I had to figure this out on my own.  If someone suggested the version of Windows 8.1 NOT being professional, I could have fixed a lot faster.
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