I have read that Microsoft Communicator is INCLUDED in MS Office Pro 2007 and above, however I cannot see the option for it in the customize install? And we have been making users purchase a license

My company uses MS Office Pro Plus 2007, 2010, & 2013.  I have read that MS Communicator is included with the Office license.  However, our users are being asked to buy licenses at $170+ each.  I have also seen that there is a $35 license that should work for most users.  
1. If it's included with the Office license why can't we see it in the install?
2. If users do have to still purchase an individual license, won't the $35 one work for most?
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David Paris VicenteSystems and Comunications  Administrator Commented:
Hi crbard,

You don't mention the version of Office Communicator Server that you are using.
You need a Server license for each running instance of OCS on the server and CALs for every User and Device accessing the services of the OCS Server.

OCS CAL does not provide Office Communicator, Office Communicator Client is offered standalone or as part of Office Pro Plus/Enterprise.

In this case you will need:

1. Client Software License

You need a license for using Microsoft Office Communicator, which is available as both a stand-alone product, and is also included in Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2007 and Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007.

If you have a valid Server License, you are allowed to use the following Client Software (you don't need to buy a Client Software license for using these Client Software programs)
•Office Communicator Web Access 2007 R2
•Office Communicator Mobile for Java 2007 R2
•Office Communicator Mobile for Windows 2007 R2
•Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Group Chat Conolse
•Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Attendant Console
•Office Live Meeting Console

2. Client Access License

You need a license for every user or every device using any of the services provided by Office Communications Server. There are two type of Client Access Licenses (CAL), being Standard and Enterprise. The choice of standard/enterprise CAL will depend on which features you want to use:

Office Communications Server 2007 R2 STANDARD CAL =
◦Group IM
◦Peer-to-Peer Voice and Video
◦File Transfer
◦Group Chat

Office Communications Server 2007 R2 ENTERPRISE CAL = STANDARD CAL +
◦Web Conferencing
◦Multiparty collaboration
◦Application sharing
◦Desktop Sharing
◦Audio Conferencing
◦Call Routing
◦User Call Management
◦Remote Call Control
◦Voice Media on Softphone
◦Team Call
◦Response Group
◦Single-Number Reach

 In OCS 2007 R2, you do NOT need to provide a CAL for:
•An external (anonymous) user attending an OCS 2007 R2 Web conference
•Users receiving a call from an extension hosted on the OCS 2007 R2 server
•Non OCS 2007 R2 users placing a call to an extension hosted on the OCS 2007 R2 server

3. Server License

There are two types of Server licenses in OCS 2007 R2, being Standard and Enterprise.

The following OCS 2007 R2 OCS Server Roles require a server license
•OCS 2007 R2 Front End Server: Standard or Enterprise (Using Enterprise you can introduce High Availability (!))
•OCS 2007 R2 Edge Server role: Standard or Enterprise

The following OCS 2007 R2 OCS Server Roles, Standard Edition, can be installed without requiring a Server license for the role itself, BUT requiring a valid Front-End Server license (Standard or Enterprise) in your OCS 2007 R2 environment:
•Monitoring Server role
•Director Server role
•Mediation Server role
•Archiving Server role
•Web Components Server role (including Communicator Web Access)
•Group Chat Server role

 Here you can check the pricing and licensing for OCS 2007 R2

I hope it helps.

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crbardAuthor Commented:
That is perfect!!!  Thank you so much for all the details!
crbardAuthor Commented:
Thanks!! Just what I was looking for!
crbardAuthor Commented:

Attached is a snapshot of the software installed on our communicator server, can you tell which senario applies from this?
David Paris VicenteSystems and Comunications  Administrator Commented:
Hi crbard,

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