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I have a user that has a special syncing request with Office 365 and android. He wants to delete emails on his phone but not in his Outlook Inbox. I know this used to  be possible with Blackberries but not sure if that's still the case with new Exchange versions and phones.

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Alan DalaITAsked:
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AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
As far as I know, it is not possible. Outlook, OWA and handheld devices are way you connect to your mailbox and read the data. As you know, actual data reside on server and not stored locally, so once you remove the data from anywhere, it will be gone from user mailbox.
Only way you could do that is if you don't use ActiveSync.  Instead you'd have to use POP3 with all it's limitations.  That's the whole point of ActiveSync, to keep the same view on all endpoints.
Many people, especially those who are used to how older blackberries used to work, like the idea of deleting an email from their phone as soon as they've read it. They treat the list of emails on the phone like a todo list, deleting items once they've dealt with them.

It's not so much that they actually want to delete messages, they just want a way to mark them as "I'm finished with this" on their phone, WITHOUT marking it as "I'm finished with this" in their Outlook or desktop client.

There's also sometimes a certain amount of paranoia that they will "fill up the phone" if they don't delete messages and they feel uneasy about just letting them "pile up" like that.

Often times an email will arrive on their phone, they'll open it and look at it, but they can't actually deal with the email right away until they get back to their desk. They want to be aware of the messages as they arrive, dismiss it from their phone, but still be able to get back to it later once they're back at their desk. They want a way to maintain the status of "I haven't dealt with this yet" for their email messages.

When I have users come to me with this problem, do three things:

1) Show them how their android phone only syncs messages for the last few months, and older ones fall off the end - there's no need to delete emails for fear of the phone filling up because the emails are NOT stored on the phone - they're stored on the Exchange Server, and the phone just presents a subset of those messages to them.

2) I show them how to mark items as read / unread on the android phone, and teach them about the concept of maintaining the read/unread status of their messages. If they looked at the message on their phone, but they aren't actually done with it, mark it as unread so that when they get back to their desk it's still there, bold and waiting for them to read it.

3) I introduce them to the "Nine" app in the Google Play store, it is an ActiveSync-compatible Mail client for Android that is miles ahead of anything else I've been able to find, almost as good as the Gmail app, and makes it sufficiently pleasant to use the phone that they don't mind flipping through the emails

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