Cisco ASA and ASDM and Compact Flash Storage

I know the ASA appliance (in my case a 5510) stores its IOS image in its internal compact flash memory.  The ASDM is a GUI interface component that allows ease of use in interacting and configuring the appliance.  There is of course the client portion, IE the ASDM exe that you install on your computer.  and these follow versions, one such being ASDM 7.3(1) which are compatible with certain IOS versions, for example ASA 9.3(1).  

My question is, if I update the IOS version do I simply need to make sure that the ASDM exe package I install on computers I intend to interface with the appliance are on a compatible parallel version?  Or is there an actual appliance side corresponding "image" for ASDM that needs to be loaded onto the ASA's flash as well?  If so, I am guessing this needs to be updated as well.

Thanks for the info.
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For every release of ASDM CISCO publish also information about ASA "IOS" compatibility. ASDM is not mandatory - if you use CLI, then ASDM is useless, otherwise OK. When you enable ASDM on ASA device and you are logged in via browser, your client Will be updated as well.
CnicNVAuthor Commented:
Ok that's what I figured, thanks for confirming.
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