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can't activate office 2010 even with valid license and after getting activation code from Microsoft

For some reason I can't activate Office 2010.  When I enter the license key it states the process completed successfully.  However, the next time I open Excel it states it is not activated.  I tried this twice.

I called Microsoft and got an activation code.  When I use it, it states it requires Administrator privileges.   I verified I was logged on as an user with Admin rights.  I even created a second account with Admin rights and it still fails.

There must be a solution?
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Activation is basic. Uninstall Office 2010, restart, reinstall Office and update (service packs and patches).

If that does not work, try activating in a new, test Windows User Profile (account).
If you are having trouble activating office, from an elevated command prompt, right click -> run as administrator, follow the command lines here.

This is usually how I have to activate.
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Joe Winograd
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I don't know if the first two would have worked, but this was the easiest to try and it worked.

You're welcome. I'm glad that worked for you. Regards, Joe