How do I compact and repair a database with a password

Clive Beaton
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I'm trying to compact and repair a password protected database with the following code:

Public Sub Compact()
   Dim CurrentFile As String, BackupFile As String
   On Error GoTo 0
   CurrentFile = "C:\CAV3\Database1.accdb"
   BackupFile = "F:\Database1.accdb"
   If Dir(BackupFile) > "" Then
      Kill BackupFile
   End If
   Application.CompactRepair CurrentFile, BackupFile, True
   Exit Sub
End Sub

How do I change it to supply the password?

Thanks in advance.
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look at DBEngine.CompactDatabase Method

DBEngine.CompactDatabase CurrentFile, BackupFile, ";pwd=password", , ";pwd=password"
Clive BeatonAccess Developer


Perfect.  Thank you.

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