USN Rollback Issue on Exchange Server 2010

Hi All

I have an issue where my Exchange 2010 server won't synch with the domain, what i'm planning to do is to Configure new Exchange server in same exchange organization on different box (coexist), unmount the database from the current exchange and mount it back on the new Exchange server. Then, uninstall Exchange server decomission the DC, is it possible to do it in this way ? with the same window server and exchange version, and i will put the new exchange as a memeber server rather than a domain controller, in the new exchange i do install all the roles for exchange first ? and how do all outlook client autodiscover the new exchange server ? hope anyone can help with my concern, Thanks !

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I think this is continualtion to your last question

U need to add new exchange server in existing exchange organization with all roles (MBX, Hub and CAS)

Then you need to move all your mailboxes to new server, you need to move your internet mailflow to new server (Send and receive connectors to send and receive mails to-from internet.

When you add new exchange server, Service Connection Point (SCP) for client access server will be automatically get added to active directory which corporate clients should pickup hopefully once you decommission the old exchange server

To do testing what you can do, after installation of new Exchnage server and post everying is moved to new exchange server, you can shutdown the old Exchnage server and check if everyting is working fine.
Once you get confirmation, you can decommission old exchnage server and then forcefully demote DC as well
piaakitAuthor Commented:
i can directly copy the database from current exchange to new exchange and mount it right ? i do not want to move each mailboxes,
I don't think so.

U need to create new mailbox database on new server and need to move mailboxes
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piaakitAuthor Commented:
noted, if i want to install the new exchange in 2013 cu 5, it supports with coexist right ? can anyone provide me the migration steps from exchange 2010 to 2013 cu 5 ? Thx
Yes, you can install Exchange 2013, but use Exchange 2013 SP1 in co-existence

My suggestion is stick to Exchange 2010 only for time being and 1st resolve problem and then upgrade to exchange 2013 SP1

Because adding 2013 will involve schema update which will not be replicated to problematic DC, this may cause create new problems with exchange 2013

You can find lots of guide \ You Tube videos on transition to 2013

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piaakitAuthor Commented:
currently my exchange version is 2010 sp3 , the exchange 2013 version is  Service Pack 1 (SP1 aka CU4)  15.0.847.32 , are they alright for co-existence for move mailboxes from 2010 to 2013 ?
Yes, this is supported configuration for co-existence
piaakitAuthor Commented:
i have installed a new exchange 2013 (member server) when i try to login to ecp, i have below error, do you think this problem is related to the USN Rollback Issue on Exchange Server 2010 ?

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