Get permissions of an AD group

Hi Experts.

Need some help with getting permissions of an AD group. I've created a one liner but its not giving me what im looking for, (actually its not pushing out any output at all)

I've been tasked to list the permissions and rights of our Tech team in our Domain and the one liner i have is this

(Get-Acl (Get-ADGroup -Filter `name -eq "TechSupport-EMEA"`).distinguishedname).access | ft identityreference, accessControlType -AutoSize

when run it looks as though its either running or waiting for additional input with the >> on the next line

Is there a better way of getting these permissions for a ADGroup or does the above need some tweaking?

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Zephyr ICTCloud ArchitectCommented:
This one works for me:

Get-Acl -Path "AD:\CN=group-name\#U,OU=some_ou,OU=some_other_ou,DC=domain,DC=local" | Select-Object -ExpandProperty access

Open in new window

I see in your oneliner you have these ` I think they should be replaced with '
Manjunath SulladTechnical ConsultantCommented:
You can download Powershell script from below path to collect the required details.

Active Directory OU Permissions Report
Dan McFaddenSystems EngineerCommented:
First: as spravtek mentioned, you have the incorrect single quote in your command line.

Also when you run the command are you on the "AD" drive?  your command prompt should look like:  PS AD:\>

I was able to run your command successfully like so:

1. open a command prompt as a user with the necessary permissions to access AD
2. run:  import-module activedirectory
3. run:  cd ad:; (Get-Acl(Get-ADGroup -Filter 'name -eq "#SomeAdGroupName#"').DistinguishedName).access | ft identityreference, accessControlType -AutoSize

You could combine the above 2 commands on a single line like so:

Import-Module ActiveDirectory; cd ad:; (Get-Acl(Get-ADGroup -Filter 'name -eq "AG Change.Sec"').DistinguishedName).access | ft identityreference, accessControlType -AutoSize

You can chain multiple single commands with a semi-colon between each command.

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