VMware Horizon View 5.3 vs. Citrix XD 7.5

Hello, we are evaluating Horizon View 5.3  vs. Citrix XD 7.5 and hoping to hear from people who actually had hands on with both. The more we talk to vendors the more confusing the choices become! A quick pros and cons for each and what INTELLIGENT questions should we ask to make sure we are getting the better fit solution for our needs is highly appreciated.


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Don MartinSolutions ArchitectCommented:
I think it all depends on what you looking for, and what you are trying to achieve. We have invested heavily in Xendesktop, starting from Version 4, all the way up to 7.5. We have from time to time done tested on view, to be objective about it, but at the end of the day we find that Citrix always comes out on top. At the moment there is more management friendly tools in XenDesktop out of the box that helps us in our deployment. We are currently running 1000 VDI environment. View has had a few niggly issues that we are not happy with, some WAN optimisations, and only recently started including clients for devices other than Windows etc. We found the peripheral support to be better with Citrix, where View was more of a Map through or don't, Citrix can be more granular in what you allow and how you allow it etc. The policies from Citrix is also more comprehensive and allows you to tweak the environment better. For unbiased opinions always look at people like Jarion Gibson etc, they tend to tell it like it is.

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onlinerackAuthor Commented:
Our concern with XD7.5  is about the move from IMA to FMA and the issues caused by it. Main issue the need to deploy more infrastructure resources in the FMA model. We have a few small satellite offices, so I am wondering if we will need to deploy more resources with XD7 than with HorizonView?
Don MartinSolutions ArchitectCommented:
I don't think that will really make a difference. We have 2 delivery controllers for our 1000 VDI, and if we had remote offices, as a Solutions Architect I would most likely look at deploying one Delivery controller per site. Using FMA with the built in direct connections eliminates potential outages on the database.
onlinerackAuthor Commented:
Thanks Don for the detailed answer. This is for one of our clients who wants a justification for the choice of either View or XD and this is the part where we are stuck.
I'm not quite sure if you are still looking for an answer here but although i do agree with Don Martin that Citrix did have an advantage with 7.5 on View 5.3 this advantage iMHO has been blown away by VMWare with the new 6.0 version of View with Horizon integrated and Airwatch bought.

We've tested um both thoroughly (7.5 XD and View 6.0) and i believe that Citrix is loosing the mark here because they don't really bring anything new to the table whereas VMWare is quickly enhancing it's product.

For now i think you should still see a tye but VMWare i feel is winning the battle bit by bit..
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