Apache on linux

What is the best way to install apache 2.2 on linux - compiled or automomated?  I am looking for a secure and stable setup.
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Chad FranksSenior System EngineerCommented:
I've installed this a few times.  This site details exactly what you need to do.  I've had no issues with it.  Pretty straight forward;

I would always use the package handler of the Linux distribution you are using, to be sure any dependencies are met.  I don't think I have seen any distros yet that do not include Apache.

Depending on the package handler and distro, you must then alter the configuration to your needs.  That can either be done by directly editing the configuration or through specialized wizards.
Which Distro ?
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Usually the Apache that is on the linux distribution is stable and secure, if you are paranoiac; then yes compile your own Apache that way you know what is enable and what isn't  and also you are sure that there isn't any backdoor running or something like that.

Easiest is to use package manager and package collections included in your distributions' repositories

You can make rpm or deb from apache tarball - it takes 1 man-day a month to package and another to follow security
That prevents conflicts with system package as newborn is replacement of distribution-supported package.

Worst you can so is to compile package and install it. Then you have no way to uninstall, no easy way to upgrade etc (TIP: ./configure --prefix=/opt/PACKAGE_NAME)

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