Making an image transparent

I have created an image in Paint, with a white background.

The program I am using can recognize a image with transparency encoded, but how do I encode it.

Paint is sufficient for the purpose of the image itself, but it doesn't seem to encode the transparency.

Do I have to use If so, how do I create an image that is all text, but with a transparent background in
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MS Paint is a hard one because you are limited in what you can do. Below is an article from Microsoft which also addresses Transparency in it's program.  See if this helps; else use a program like Macromedia products.
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
You would be much better off using a free program such as Gimp
to create a PNG image which supports transparancy.

However Is easier to learn.
Heaps of tutorials here ....
You'll also find many tutorials on

You could also use a free online image editing service such as ....
GrahamDLovellAuthor Commented:
I would appear that Paint does support Transparency, but only within its own zone. It cannot be embedded in the image. (I am a simple soul, and Paint does everything else that I need as far as graphics are concerned.)

I have tried a couple of times to get to grip with, but it has concepts that are not intuitive (at least to me). For example, I start with a blank template. How do I set up a transparent background? Having got that, how do I set up a non-transparent foreground?
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Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
In, create a new image, use the Magic Wand to select the white background and hit Erase on the keyboard.

Or, create a new layer (it has a transparent background by default) then delete the layer with the white background.

If you open your image in, select the white parts outside of the image using the Magic Wand and hit Erase on the keyboard.

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GrahamDLovellAuthor Commented:
Paul, you have put me on the right track. Brilliant! It was so simple! I used this part of your solution:

"If you open your image in, select the white parts outside of the image using the Magic Wand and hit Erase on the keyboard," adding the simple assumption that "Erase" (a Paint.Net term) meant the Del key (what else could you have meant?)

I also found that I needed to save it as .png file, rather than as a .jpg (which it was originally).
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
Good - of course, DEL key... What was I thinking.

You can also use .tif and .gif for transparency as well...
GrahamDLovellAuthor Commented:
Thanks again, A complete answer helps fill in the blanks.
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