Suggest an UK Based SMTP Relay Supplier for an Exchange Server

Hi Guys.

ISP (BT) has now lowered outgoing mail limit to 100 emails per day so i need to move over to a dedicated SMTP Relay as companys these days are relying on sending lots more email with PDF invoices and statments comming into effect.

Can anyone suggest me an SMTP supplier ideally based in the UK and is economical.

Other questions are regarding dedicated IP. When picking a pacakge with a company should i be looking to get a dedicated IP? Im worried i will have issues with SPF records etc when not having an static IP sending the mail?
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Andy MInternal Systems ManagerCommented:
Do you use an on-site Exchange server primarily for your emails or are your emails hosted with another company? If you have an on-site exchange server then a static IP is highly recommended, If it's hosted then having a static IP on your internet line won't make any difference (unless you are wanting to heavily lock down connections or require it for some reason).

If it's an exchange server you could use a smarthost like arrowmail ( who charge based on the number of emails sent. I'm not aware of any limit for emails.

If you use a third party hosting company it would be worth asking them if it's possible to use their smtp service.
EnlightxAuthor Commented:
Dedicated ip was for the sending of mail not regarding exchange server. Larger SMTP mass mail companies seem to offer packages which have dedicated IP.

estimated emails to be sent is around 2000 a week

any other suggested companies which people activily use would be of great use.
EnlightxAuthor Commented:
Solution so far that has worked has been to advise customer to send smaller bulks during the day. this then avoids the issue with ISP blocking outgoing mail.

Also advised that in the future an external SMTP mass mail service may need to be used if more email is sent.

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EnlightxAuthor Commented:
found alternavtive solution myself
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