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Good Day,

I need to  write a  SQL query that goes something  like this:

Select  [apples], [oranges], {bananas],  [price] from Fruit_Tabletable where
 if [price]  >0, then [apples] =Yes and oranges= Yes

I need to only show apples and oranges  where the cost is  grater than zero and have "Yes" appear in the apples and oranges fields .

Please advise.


Wm Allen SmithAsked:
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ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
I need to only show apples and oranges  where the cost is  grater than zero and have "Yes" appear in the apples and oranges fields .
SELECT  apples ,
        oranges ,
        bananas ,
FROM    Fruit_Tabletable
WHERE   price > 0
        AND apples = 'Yes'
        AND oranges = 'Yes';

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But columns named like fruits makes no sense in a normal model. E.g. a better model

      FruitID INT ,
      FruitName NVARCHAR(255)

VALUES  ( 1, 'Apple' ),
        ( 2, 'Orange' ),
        ( 3, 'Banana' );

      FruitID INT ,
      PriceAmount MONEY

VALUES  ( 1, -1 ),
        ( 1, 0 ),
        ( 1, 1 ),
        ( 2, -2 ),
        ( 2, 0 ),
        ( 2, 2 ),
        ( 3, -3 ),
        ( 3, 0 ),
        ( 3, 3 );

SELECT  F.FruitName ,
FROM    @Prices P
        INNER JOIN @Fruits F ON F.FruitID = P.FruitID
WHERE   P.PriceAmount > 0
        AND F.FruitName IN ( 'Apple', 'Orange' );

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results in
FruitName	PriceAmount
---------	---------------------
Apple		1,00
Orange		2,00

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Not 100% sure what you are asking here:

Select  [apples], [oranges], {bananas],  [price] from Fruit_Tabletable where
 if [price]  >0, then [apples] =Yes and oranges= Yes

With the "then [apples] = Yes and Oranges=Yes  piece;

1. Are you wanting to 'set' these as yes? Or
2. Make sure that "IF" the price is greater than 0 there 'has' to be a YES as well???

if #1 answer is yes:

You will need a 'case' statement in your select
SELECT  apples ,
        oranges ,
        bananas ,
       CASE Fruit
          When 'apples' THEN 'YES'
          When 'oranges' THEN 'YES'
      END AS Fruit_Type,
FROM    Fruit_Tabletable
WHERE   price > 0
        AND apples = 'Yes'
        AND oranges = 'Yes'

if #2 answer is yes; then
you just need a select where you 'WHERE' clauses are
WHERE Price > 0
AND apple = 'Yes'
AND oranges = 'yes'

WHERE Price > 0
AND (apple = 'Yes' OR oranges = 'yes' )

Hope this helps

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Wm Allen SmithAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your quick response, Spt_Us . " Are you wanting to 'set' these as yes? " is the scenario that I was aiming for and your solution works perfectly.


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