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I am trying to modify an AD attribute for the "Manager" Property under the "Organization" tab usinfg a  tool call Wisesoft Builk AD user. I can chage almost all attributes with this tool but I' m unable to add any value to the Manager property. I have attached the the .CSV file i'm using to supply the software with the users it needs to modify information for.
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Ben HartCommented:
Or if you wanted to modify a specific scope like say an OU, you could:

get-aduser -filter * -searchbase "ou=something,ou=somethingelse,dc=domain,dc=com" | set-aduser -manager "ManagerName"

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Ben HartCommented:
I think youd have better luck using PowerShell.  If you can generate a CSV file with the names of the users and the manager you can bulk import that change into AD.

Here's a quick script
This one will create a txt file with your users Names.
get-content c:\users.txt | get-aduser - pr SamAccountName

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This pull the usernames from the text file and modifies the Manager value.
$Users = get-content C:\users.txt
foreach ($user in $users)
set-aduser $user -manager 'ManagerName'

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The ManagerName variable requires a Distinguished Name, or SamAccountName.

Also make sure you run this either on a DC or with a New-PsSession to your DC.
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