Mac OS X 10.9 -- MS Office issue

Hi Experts,

A user has a fairly new Mac OS X 10.9, 8 GB or Ram, MS Office for Mac, and plenty of HD space. A couple of weeks ago she complained about system performance being slow, specially in MS Excel and MS Powerpoint.  I was able to see the issue myself, when she switched between apps to modify it took a minute of two for the application to respond. After following a couple of online links I decided to remove MS Office completely according the official documents and reinstalled it again. She said that it worked for about a  week or so and now the system is slow when working in Excel, not as bad a before but she can notice the delay.

I noticed the RAM use during her workday is about 80-90% or her 8GB physical ram, could this be causing the  issue? If so why is it that it only affects MS Office products? btw.... I had all updates for MS Office when she reported the problem first, after reading some online posts i decided to not install the updates when I reinstalled.

If anyone can shed some light on this it'd be greatly appreciated
jorge diazSEAsked:
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I would suggest a starting point as here

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Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Users are not being told that an operating hard disk drive is six times more fragile than a raw egg and I am seeing major growth in the number of failing hard disk drives.  On Windows, I use the pro version of which is available for a two week trial.  I haven't found anything as nice for OS X; but, here is one to try:

If the data column for reallocated sectors or pending sectors is anything but zero, you found your problem and a failing drive displays symptoms with long pauses (may seem like a complete freeze up) followed by recovery.

If the drive is OK, another useful tool is CCleaner which dumps the trash that builds up in any O/S:
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