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I have a php/MySQL cms that I built. I am using an open source wisywig editor called CKEDitor ( and their FileUpload plugin.

When I upload the image into the wisywig area - it shows the images as missing. When I view the SOURCE code, this is what I get:

<img a="" img="" is="" span="" src="<br /> <b>Warning</b>: session_start() [<a href=" style="font-family:aldrich;" test.this="" this="" />

I also have the exact same configuration on another Domain and everything works fine. I am wondering if there is a .htacess file or php.ini file that needs some kind of code or attention? I was hoping that the nature of the code (<img a="" img="" is="" span="" src="<br /> <b>Warning</b>: session_start() [<a href=" style="font-family:aldrich;" test.this="" this="" />) would be a clue to what is happening?

Please help.
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Ray PaseurCommented:
There may be something of a clue in this part: <b>Warning</b>: session_start()...  That's usually followed by further explanation, such as "can't send headers," etc.

Try turning on output buffering and see if that has any effect.

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Rowby GorenCommented:
This is a long shot but are there settings in your version  of the editor that gives or denies permissions on uploading certain file types?
edavoAuthor Commented:
Yes - but all the file types I try to upload are included.
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edavoAuthor Commented:
Now I get this:

<img src="<br /> <b>Warning</b>: is_file() [<a href="'="">

Any clues...
edavoAuthor Commented:
OKAY experts - I getting close:

Here is the problem:
I have a con gig file that includes the following line of code;

$config['BaseUrl'] = '';

THIS ALL WORKS FINE. It basically call an up lode.php file and uploads an image in the directory and places in the wisywig editor.

BUT I NEED THIS TO BE dynamic so it will work with multiple sites, so I am young to use this:

$domainid - '';
$userid - 'moffit';

$config['BaseUrl'] = 'http://'.$domainid.''.$userid.'/assets/';

But the variables are not working  OR not being carried to the uploader.php call, I am not sure which?

ANy clues how I can get the variables to work in place of the hard coded paths???
edavoAuthor Commented:
I have a CONFIG.php file, not "con gig" sorry
edavoAuthor Commented:
$domainid = '';
$userid = 'moffit';
(sorry, I have it right in my code)

Still not recognizing variables??
Ray PaseurCommented:
I think you need a professional programmer to take a look at this.  All we can see here are fragments of a problem, and they are fragments with the distinct code smell of confusion about how PHP variables and strings work.  For better or worse, computer programming requires an exacting degree of precision and a depth of understanding of many layered concepts.  I don't think we can solve the problem with what we've got in evidence here, but I am sure that a professional, given hands-on access to the code and your test data set, would be able to apply understanding to the many parts that could be in play.
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