Why did I first need to declare this variable in PHP?

Please see the following code:  the commented line below marks the variable PHP demanded I declare, but I use variables all the time without declaring them first.  Why did PHP throw an error?  I knew the remedy but wanted to expand my understanding. Thanks.


$selected_car = "chevy";

$car_choices = array ("ford", "chevy", "dodge");

//without declaring this variable I get an error?
$options = "";

foreach ($car_choices as $car_choice) {
	$selected = ($selected_car == $car_choice) ? "selected"	: "";
	$options .= "<option $selected % {$car_choice}>{$car_choice}</option>";



<?php echo $options ?>


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Ray PaseurCommented:
What you got is not an "Error," it is a Notice.  It comes on line 14, where PHP is kind enough to let you know that your script relies on an undefined variable, $options.

The default configuration of PHP will not raise Notice level messages.  IMHO this has always been one of the worst ideas in PHP.  It was well-intentioned in the "old days" when we were trying to make PHP the easiest language for anyone to learn.  But PHP has grown up a lot since then!
Radek BaranowskiFull-stack Java DeveloperCommented:
and you are getting the notice because you use inline string concatenation .=

this equals to

$options = $options + "some text";

so $options is expected on the right side of the assignment to be declared already. that's why adding

makes the notice disappear.

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LB1234Author Commented:
This may sound really dumb, but aren't I defining it at line 14?   How is what I'm doing on line 14 any different than what I did with $selected on line 13?
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LB1234Author Commented:
Thanks Gents!
Radek BaranowskiFull-stack Java DeveloperCommented:
here you are making actual initialization by assignment:
$selected = ($selected_car == $car_choice) ? "selected"      : "";

and here, you try to assign (initialize) $options value of uninitialized variable $options:
$options .= "<option $selected % {$car_choice}>{$car_choice}</option>";

is it clear enough ?
Ray PaseurCommented:
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