sql query gives error via vba but exact query runs fine outside of vba

I use an ADO connection to a DB2 for i server to pull data into Excel.  I do this often so in general I'm pretty good at it ;-)

Recently I've encountered an error on a new query, or should I say query with multiple statements, that is erroring out.

As a matter of habit I always insert the 'string' of my sql that vba is executing to a cell in the workbook.  This way, If needed, I can verify all my variables (cell references) were passed as expected and I can troubleshoot from this.

In my current 'problem', I am getting the attached error even though I can copy/paste the exact code from the spreadsheet into my query tool and run without issue.

Below this you will find the code I use to build my string that returns the error.  Note that this includes a semicolon as required between execution 'pieces' as required by SQL.
exact VBA
SQL = " CREATE ALIAS temp.kd2 FOR cust.job(SAV0" & Range("B3").Value & ") ; "
SQL = SQL + " select * from temp.kd2  ;"
SQL = SQL + " DROP ALIAS temp.kd2 ;   "

Exactly what I get from the cell where I have the 'sql' string put into.
 CREATE ALIAS temp.kd2 FOR cust.job(SAV0554158) ;  select * from temp.kd2  ;   DROP ALIAS temp.kd2 ;  

As I mentioned, running that exact query in my query tool works perfectly.  Thus, I know the query itself is fine.  There must be some issue with using ADO connections and multiple code execution or something else that I am missing.

I cross posted this because while I am using DB2, I do not believe this has anything to do with the DB since the query itself is valid.  I expect this has something to do with VBA and the ; symbol.

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RayData AnalystAsked:
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Try changing the double quotes to single quotes.
RayData AnalystAuthor Commented:
Those double quotes are a requirement of VBA and are used to encapsulate the text string on each line.  Can't remove them.
you are trying to execute 3 sql statements in one call
the query tool knows automatically to break the input on ; and execute the commands in order
try to execute the 3 commands on after the other and you should be good to go

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NorieVBA ExpertCommented:
Couldn't you just use this?
SQL = " SELECT * FROM cust.job(SAV0" & Range("B3").Value & ") ; "

Open in new window

RayData AnalystAuthor Commented:
Sadly, this is indeed the issue.  When running the query through Excel/VBA, you cannot execute multiple statements via the statement termination character.  

The workaround is to execute each one independently and in order.  I was afraid of this by the time I posted the question, but based on further research and the responses here... a Workaround is the only way to do it.
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